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A Timeless Aesthetic

At OG Aesthetics, our double board-certified facial plastic surgeons focus on achieving outcomes that are stunningly natural, refreshed, and undeniably you, at your best. We don’t subscribe to fads or trends, but rely on advanced surgical techniques to achieve natural results and truly classic beauty.

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Facial Plastic Surgery

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At OG Aesthetics, our approach to facial plastic surgery is refined, meticulous. Our surgeons have mastered the most advanced techniques. You can expect an outcome that is beautifully refreshed, natural, and looks like you, at your best. Explore

Non-Surgical Procedures

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Our non-surgical procedures are delivered with consummate precision, smoothing away lines and creases, restoring lost volume, creating a refined, elegant jawline, or tightening and rejuvenating aging skin, to leave you with a refreshed, healthy glow. Explore


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Life can bring us challenges, including facial scars or damage from trauma, skin cancer treatments, or surgery. At OG Aesthetics, our facial plastic surgeons can help you with Mohs reconstruction, scar revision, and repairing aesthetic issues on the face, ears, nose, or neck. Explore

Dr. Tim Ortlip

Dr. Ortlip is an extraordinarily talented facial plastic surgeon, who has years of extensive training under leading facial plastic surgeons. He has mastered the most advanced, world-class techniques. His compassion, warmth of character, and impressive surgical skills take the art of facial plastic surgery to a higher level, achieving timeless, classic beauty to bring out the best of your features, appearing remarkably natural, and stand the test of time, allowing you to age gracefully, naturally, revealing the “best you.”

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Dr. Dominick Gadaleta

Dr. Gadaleta is arguably one of the most talented facial plastic surgeons practicing on the West Coast. His natural artistry, advanced surgical techniques, and ability to enhance your natural beauty has made him a patient favorite for discerning patients who want a change that appears fully natural, rather than overdone, bringing out the best in your features for timelessly classic beauty.

Dr. Dominick Gadaleta

Meet the Doctors

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Real Patient

“He did the perfect job at enhancing (as opposed to significantly changing) my features.”

“I wish there were more than 5 stars to give! Dr. Gadaleta was so professional, patient, and personable. He talked me through the entire process and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. He did the perfect job at enhancing (as opposed to significantly changing) my features. I've already told my friends in the Bay Area to check him out and would honestly recommend him to anyone between the ages of 16-85. It's clear that Dr. Gadaleta's main priorities are to make you feel safe and leave you feeling more confident than you did before. I couldn't be more thrilled with the results (seriously I'm pretty much obsessed). A great person and even better doctor.”

“Dr. Ortlip is the best!”

“Dr. Ortlip was able to get me the perfect nose and fix my breathing like no other. I trust him completely because of how comfortable he made me feel and answered all my questions thoroughly. He never made me have any doubt or question on whether I should go forward. Super smart, talented, patient, and a hardworking doctor that won’t stop until all his patients are satisfied. I just wanted to give an extra shoutout for going above and beyond and doing that extra work in, it’s really hard to find a doctor that speaks the same language in style and be on the same page. Thank you, Dr. Ortlip, you’ll always be someone that’s made a big impact on my life! Highly recommend!”

“A compassionate expert surgeon with an eye for absolute precision.”

“A compassionate expert surgeon with an eye for absolute precision. That's how I'd describe Dr. Gadaleta if challenged to use just a few words. He, however, deserves more words! If you want a top rhinoplasty specialist who also won't treat you like just another number on his list of patients, then you must schedule your consult with him and experience the difference like I did! Thank you, Dr. G, for giving me the nose I always dreamed of having but never thought I'd have the nerve to get. I feel so lucky to have caught you at the beginning of your practice shift to Silicon Valley before the word is fully out on you!”

“I could tell I was in good hands.”

“I am so impressed by Dr. Gadaleta's artistic talent with fillers and his knowledge of the new products and various non-surgical modalities. Surgery is in my future, eventually, and I will trust him with that without reservation, as well. On top of that he is a fantastic person and very professional, compassionate, and kind. He loves what he does and that makes all of the difference as well. Ten stars.”

“The best surgeon you will ever come across.”

Dr. Gadaleta is honestly the best surgeon you will ever come across. He truly cares about his patients and is so caring even post op. His team is also very responsive , after my procedure when I had questions, they would reply so fast and were extremely supportive. Not to mention, the results are amazing . I had gotten a lip lift done by him and the scar is basically invisible … and my lips look amazing ! He is truly an expert at what he does … 10/5 stars.

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Facial Plastic Surgery Experience the best-kept secret in facial plastic surgery and cosmetic wellness

Choosing the right facial plastic surgeon can mean the difference between a look that appears naturally refreshed and rejuvenated or a result you regret. When considering facial plastic surgery, our two facial plastic surgeons offer exceptional talent and artistry and are masters of the most advanced techniques to bring out the best in your look, not changing you to appear to be another person. OG Aesthetics is genuinely the best kept secret in Palo Alto for discerning patients who seek a refreshed, timeless beauty.

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Real Patient


For a naturally refreshed look that lasts, only the most advanced surgical techniques will serve. At OG Aesthetics, our facial plastic surgeons are among the most accomplished in the area, performing delicate surgeries with ultimate precision and techniques that achieve a refined, naturally refreshed look, never pulled or overdone, with results that leave you looking ten to fifteen years younger: “the best you.”

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Real Patient


Your nose can be surgically altered to create a look with stunning balance and harmony. The ideal outcome in nose reshaping will enhance and balances your features in a subtle yet effective way. Our double board-certified facial plastic surgeons have mastered the most advanced surgical techniques to elevate your look and bring out the best in the beauty that is undeniably, you.

I feel incredible and had a relatively seamless recovery process. I am already receiving many positive compliments!


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Injectables can work wonders—in the hands of an artist. At OG Aesthetics, we offer custom injectable treatments to smooth lines and wrinkles, treat age-related volume loss, create more appealing lips, treat minor nose shape issues, or reshape the jawline to create the most youthful, elegant lines.

A philanthropic institution

Our double board-certified facial plastic surgeons are dedicated to volunteering our skills to help children living in underserved communities around the globe.

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