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Do you have trouble breathing through your nose?

While rhinoplasties are often performed for purely cosmetic reasons, a functional rhinoplasty is performed with the purpose of restoring function to the nose. At OG Aesthetics, we are here to bring out the best in you and honor your individuality.

We want you to feel comfortable in your own skin. Whether you want to make changes to your nose for cosmetic reasons, functional reasons, or a combination of the two, we are here to help you achieve your goals. A functional rhinoplasty can help you breathe better and improve your quality of life.

Other benefits of a functional rhinoplasty include:

  • Improve the quality of your sleep by resolving nasal obstructions.
  • Achieve long-term relief from sinus headaches and congestion.
  • Improve your sense of smell.
  • Address asymmetries and cosmetic issues at the same time.
  • As the procedure is typically considered medically necessary, your medical insurance will often cover a functional rhinoplasty.

Natural-looking results that honor your originality

At OG Aesthetics in Palo Alto, CA, we want you to look and feel like yourself. We don’t want you to look like someone else. You are beautiful and unique, and it is important to us to honor your individuality. Our two double-board-certified surgeons Dr. Gadaleta and Dr. Ortlip are passionate about combining science, care, and creativity with personalized, warm, and friendly care for patients throughout the Palo Alto and San Jose areas and surrounding communities.

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Will a functional rhinoplasty change the appearance of my nose?

A functional rhinoplasty is usually performed for medical reasons and the primary goal is to address internal structural issues. However, this will sometimes involve making changes that affect the appearance of your nose, for instance if your nasal passages need to be widened. For this reason, a functional rhinoplasty is often combined with a cosmetic rhinoplasty. If there are any cosmetic aspects of your nose you would like to correct, these can usually be addressed during the same procedure. 

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A completely individualized procedure

During your initial consultation, Dr. Gadaleta and Dr. Ortlip will go over your goals and concerns with you in order to devise the optimal surgical plan for you. The nose is a complex structure, and rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult surgeries to master, requiring excellent technical skills. It is an exact science, but it is also an art.

Nowhere else in the body are structure, function and aesthetics so intimately intertwined. It is important to us to really take the time to get to know you and make sure your rhinoplasty is meticulously planned to achieve your unique goals.

How long will the surgery take?

A functional rhinoplasty is an out-patient procedure that is typically completed in two to four hours under general anesthetics or twilight sedation. The details of your surgery will depend completely upon your unique circumstances. Dr. Gadaleta and Dr. Ortlip are both familiar with all techniques, incisions and closures and will combine these to optimize your surgery, allowing for the best possible results.

How much time will I need to take off from work?

After your surgery, it is important to rest and stay hydrated. We will advise you and give you instructions to help you recover smoothly. You should expect to be off from work for about 10 to 14 days. The recovery process for the nose takes time, and final results usually won’t be visible for the first few months. The full healing process can take up to a year.

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