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Laser resurfacing can be used to treat a variety of concerns, including wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, and sun damage. The procedure can be performed on both the face and body and can be customized to address your specific needs and goals. If you're considering laser resurfacing, it's important to consult with an experienced plastic surgeon who can assess your individual case and determine if the procedure is right for you.

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Why choose OG Aesthetics for laser skin resurfacing?

When it comes to laser resurfacing, you want a practitioner with experience who uses the latest in laser technology. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art skincare modalities, allowing Dr. Gadaleta and Dr. Ortlip to offer an array of refined skin rejuvenating procedures and minimally invasive treatments. 

We stand behind our cutting-edge techniques and unparalleled results. By combining our specialized surgical skill sets with our trained artistic acumen, we are able to deliver the most natural-looking outcomes available. All our laser skin resurfacing procedures are customized to address your personal aesthetic goals for an unprecedented level of skin regeneration.

What can laser resurfacing do for me?

Laser resurfacing treatments can be used to correct a wide variety of skin imperfections, including wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, scarring, and mild skin laxity. The benefits of laser resurfacing typically include improved skin texture and tone, enhanced collagen production, and revision of scars or other blemishes. 

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About CO2 and Er:YAG laser resurfacing What is the difference?

CO2 laser resurfacing and Er:YAG laser resurfacing are both effective treatments for wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging. However, there are some key differences between the two.

CO2 laser resurfacing uses a carbon dioxide laser to vaporize the top layer of skin, which encourages new skin growth. This treatment is often used for more severe wrinkles and lines.

Er:YAG laser resurfacing uses a different wavelength of light than CO2 lasers, which targets water in the skin. This helps to shrink collagen fibers and tighten the skin. This treatment is often used for milder wrinkles and lines.

At OG Aesthetics, we're always working to offer our patients the latest in aesthetic advancements. To that end, we're proud to provide the Secret PRO, a cutting-edge treatment that combines microneedling and radiofrequency (RF) energy to address various skin concerns and promote overall skin rejuvenation.

What is the Secret PRO? 

The Secret PRO from Cutera is an innovative treatment that harnesses the power of microneedling and radiofrequency (RF) energy to target a wide range of skin concerns. This advanced system is designed to improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and enhance overall skin tone and firmness. The Secret PRO treatment is customizable to address individual skin concerns, making it a versatile option for patients seeking comprehensive skin rejuvenation.

What are the Benefits of the Secret PRO?

We’ve loved introducing the Secret PRO to our repertoire of procedures because it offers such a wide range of benefits, including: 

  • Improved skin texture and smoothness
  • Reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enhanced skin tone and firmness
  • Minimized scarring and sun damage
  • Increased collagen production for firmer, more resilient skin
  • Skin tightening and lifting effects
  • Customizable treatment options for individual skin concerns
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Am I a good candidate for laser resurfacing?

Laser resurfacing can improve the following concerns:

  • Sun damaged skin
  • Rough texture
  • Uneven skin tone 
  • Superficial lines
  • Deep lines 
  • Brown spots
  • Acne scars
  • Mild skin laxity 
  • Blood vessels 
  • Birthmarks

Good candidates for laser resurfacing have mild to moderate skin laxity and wrinkles and no active infections on the skin. 

What is the recovery for laser resurfacing?

After the treatment, it is important to avoid exposure to direct sun. The skin may peel for several days depending on how aggressive your treatment was and which laser device was utilized. Erbium lasers can require up to a week of healing. CO2 lasers may require 2 weeks of healing time. 

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Tips for a quicker recovery 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to laser resurfacing recovery times. Elevating your head with an extra pillow at night can help reduce swelling and discomfort. Applying an ice pack during the first day or two can also help with pain and swelling. And finally, if you smoke, you will be required to stop for at least two weeks before your procedure, and two weeks after it is completed. Tobacco smoke will complicate the healing process and delay your recovery.

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