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Patients choose to alter an “ethnic” nose shape for personal reasons. At OG Aesthetics, we approach this surgery with ultimate precision, with the goal of subtle changes that will enhance the beauty of your natural features without drastically altering your cultural identity. The types of changes that can be performed include:

•    Adding definition or height to the bridge
•    Reducing bridge width
•    Reshaping the tip or reducing its size
•    Smoothing a dorsal hump 
•    Reducing the size of wide, large, or elongated nostrils

    Artistry and precision are paramount

    Ethnic rhinoplasty should be performed by a highly trained facial plastic surgeon who routinely practices nose surgery. Every ethnic background comes with a set of specific differences, and applying a Westernized approach to the surgery can lead to unnatural results. The inner and outer structures of the nose, as well as the skin, have unique qualities that are far different than what is found in most Caucasians. Our nasal surgery specialists are among the most talented on the West Coast and take on each case with the goal of creating the ideal balance and a harmonious, natural-looking outcome.

    Types of ethnic rhinoplasties

    Your nose is the central feature of your face and changing any aspect of it has a dramatic impact on your other features. It could not be more critical that this procedure is performed with an eye for balance, structure, and harmony, honoring your heritage in the best possible way.

    • Nose augmentation: For ethnic groups desiring a more refined nasal bridge, we offer dorsal augmentation to increase height and projection. In some instances, we may use a portion of your own natural cartilage (from the ear or rib) to build and recontour the nasal structure. We do not use synthetic implants as they have a higher risk of infection, extrusion, or unnatural results. 
    • Nasal projection enhancement: A very short nose can be enhanced with a cartilage graft, creating a refined nasal tip with slightly more projection.
    • Nasal restructuring: If the nasal tip is rounded, snub, or small, its shape and projection can be improved by refining the cartilage or adding additional cartilage when needed to create the look you envision.
    • Nose reduction: Some patients have inherited a larger nose through their family line and may not like the appearance of a dorsal hump or bulbous, hanging nasal tip, which can be subtly reduced in size to enhance balance among the features.
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    Your custom ethnic rhinoplasty

    At OG Aesthetics in Menlo Park, we are honored to be known as one of the premier surgical teams for ethnic rhinoplasty, including Asian rhinoplasty. Both of our double board-certified facial plastic surgeons were trained under among the world’s most respected facial plastic surgeons, mastering the refined surgical techniques necessary to achieve superior results with this delicate surgery. Every person has a unique physiology, and every nasal surgery must be performed with a customized surgical plan, no matter the person’s background.

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    What is a “rib rhinoplasty?"

    In order to re-shape or restructure the nose, we use extra nasal septal cartilage and repurpose it as grafts for support and definition. When the septum cannot provide us with enough cartilage, we prefer to use the patient’s own ear or rib cartilage. At OG Aesthetics, we do not use synthetic nose implants. We find that using the patient’s own native tissue provides superior results without the risk of infection, resorption, or extrusion. 

    We perform each surgery with the highest level of surgical skill. An incorrectly performed ethnic rhinoplasty often leads to the need for a revision, and we are often called upon to “fix” nose surgeries that failed to meet expectations, caused breathing problems, removed too much or too little tissue, resulted in nasal bridge collapse over time, or had an asymmetrical outcome. 

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    Ethnic rhinoplasty at its best: OG Aesthetics in San Jose

    If you are considering altering the size or shape of your nose, or you seek to create a more refined nasal appearance with enhanced definition, you want to ensure the procedure is performed by a specialist. At OG Aesthetics, you will be under the care of two double board-certified facial plastic surgeons who have mastered the most complex surgical techniques. They take an artistic approach to ethnic rhinoplasty and tend to be conservative, with an eye for facial attractiveness and balance. 

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