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Rediscover Youthful Elegance

A beautifully contoured, elegant neck is universally recognized as a sign of youth and beauty. Sadly over time, the neck skin, as it is usually exposed to the elements and is in constant motion, can lose its firm, supple quality. A custom neck lift in San Jose performed at OG Aesthetics will restore jawline definition, remove excess fat, and leave you looking naturally refreshed, in the most beautiful way.

Why choose OG Aesthetics in Palo Alto?

You have many choices of plastic surgeons in the Palo Alto and San Jose areas. If you are considering any face or neck procedure, you want to be confident that your surgery will be performed by a surgeon with natural talent, extensive training, and familiarity with cutting-edge surgical techniques, including the “deep neck lift.” At OG Aesthetics, our two double board-certified facial plastic surgeons are educated and experienced in the latest neck lift advancements and they deliver superior, customized outcomes that help to rewind the clock on aging.

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What can a neck lift do for your look?

A custom neck lift in San Jose, performed under the care of our accomplished facial plastic surgeons, can restore a more youthful, refined, elegant profile, addressing any of the following conditions:

  • Excess sagging skin
  • Neck skin folds and creases
  • Double chin
  • Turkey neck
  • Lack of jawline definition
  • Vertical neck bands
  • Fatty zones beneath the chin
  • Fat deposits on neck
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Your personalized consultation

To determine the best approach to restore and rejuvenate the neck area, we invite you to meet with us for a detailed consultation. We consistently deliver the most natural-looking results, with minimal scarring, achieving true beauty that looks like you – not overdone, over-pulled, or unnatural. Our approach is fully personalized, and we are approachable, friendly, and compassionate. You will be treated like a VIP throughout your journey, supported and empowered, and comfortable in our serene space. 

We will evaluate your neck condition, including the skin and underlying muscles, to determine the best approach to restore your natural, youthful beauty. We are different from other plastic surgeons in that we believe neck surgery is both an art and a science, and we are dedicated to unwavering quality when it comes to your results. OG is more than just our name; it’s the old-school, timeless aesthetic we believe in. No fads, no trends, just natural, tasteful results… just OG.

Other Neck Procedures

Deep neck lift 

A deep neck lift goes beyond the traditional approach of removing excess skin and fat. This technique firms, sculpts, and redefines the neck’s youthful contour. With this approach, the deeper layers of the neck are accessed, lifted, and repositioned to achieve smooth, beautiful definition. 

Neck lipo

Some of our patients are unhappy with fatty deposits beneath the chin and in the neck. To address these concerns, we can perform custom neck liposuction, either in conjunction with a neck lift, or as a sole procedure for patients who have excess fat but firm, resilient skin. 

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Vertical neck bands

As the years pass, some patients will see vertical neck bands appearing. These muscle strips that run vertically down the sides of the neck structure are called platysmal bands. They typically become more visible due to the constant contractions of the platysma, the superficial layer of muscle under the skin on the face and neck. 

As the skin ages and loses elasticity, these bands may be visible when in motion or when speaking. Various lifestyle choices can make the bands even more prominent. At OG Aesthetics in Menlo Park, we can treat this aesthetic issue to restore a firm, sculpted appearance using a specialized surgical procedure called a “platysmaplasty”.

Discover the premier facial plastic surgery center in Palo Alto: OG Aesthetics

If you are ready to do something definitive about your neck appearance, you want your surgery to be performed by a highly accomplished facial plastic surgeon. Speak with us about your concerns, and we will honestly and openly present your options, show you images of our patients who have undergone this custom procedure, and offer you solutions that will leave you looking refreshed, rejuvenated, and years younger. 

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