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The problem is typically due to the surgeon using an older technique in which only excess skin is removed, rather than addressing the real issue of facial aging – a loosening of the underlying facial muscles, ligaments, and tissues, which allowed the facial structure to sag, along with skin laxity. If you have had this very unfortunate experience, you can undergo facelift revision surgery at OG Aesthetics to repair, reposition, and correct all surgical errors. It is imperative that facelift revision surgery is performed by a facial plastic surgeon with outstanding skills, and who is deeply familiar with the latest surgical techniques.

Can a poor facelift result be fixed?

When a facelift has failed to achieve the refreshed look you expected, the disappointment is very severe. However, when under the care of the talented facial plastic surgeons at OG Aesthetics, issues such as jowls, excessive scarring, uneven ear position, overly tight skin, or a sagging midface can all be addressed and resolved. A revision facelift is necessarily a custom procedure, as every patient has a unique set of issues. 

Our double board-certified facial plastic surgeons have gained advanced skills, trained by world leaders in the art of facial plastic surgery. They are both exceptionally skilled and take an artistic approach to revision facelift procedures. They take all the time needed to craft a custom surgical plan to resolve all aesthetic issues with the goal of achieving the most beautiful, natural looking outcome possible.

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Why choose OG Aesthetics for a revision facelift?

You have already had trouble with your facelift, whether the results lasted only a few years, or you were left looking less like yourself and more like someone else. You simply can’t take chances when it comes to a revision – you need a master of the art of facelift revision surgery to help you. When under our care, you have two double board-certified plastic surgeons on your side, who work together in concert to ensure the outcome is as beautiful, refreshed, and natural looking as possible.

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Reasons for a revision facelift

Patients come to OG Aesthetics to resolve an array of unsatisfactory situations, including:

  • Visible scarring
  • Facial asymmetry
  • Lateral sweep (swept back appearance)
  • Puckers, dimples, or creases
  • Ear asymmetry
  • Jowls
  • Uneven results
  • Results lasted only a year or two
  • Mouth appears stretched
  • Hairline has changed
  • Hollow looking eyes, cheeks, or temples

Why choose OG Aesthetics for a facelift revision?

At OG we want to honor your originality and individuality. We don’t want you to look like someone else. We want you to feel comfortable in your own skin and be free from the concerns associated with a poorly executed facelift. Our approach is focused on your health, healing, and wellbeing, and you will be treated with warmth, consideration, and care from the moment you enter our serene space.

Our results in facelift revision surgery are impeccable and speak for themselves. When under our care, you have the talents, techniques, and insights of two double board-certified facial plastic surgeons. You can expect a supportive, nurturing experience, with two surgeons who are focused on restoring your look – and your glow of confidence.

We stand behind our cutting-edge techniques that allow us to deliver unparalleled results, and you can expect personalized, approachable, friendly, professional care. We combine our specialized surgical skill set with our artistic acumen to deliver the most natural results available. Every facelift revision is 100 percent customized for individual, delivered to help you achieve your personal aesthetic goals.

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What occurs during a revision facelift?

Every facelift revision performed by the talented facial plastic surgeons at OG Aesthetics is 100 percent customized to treat the flaws left by a primary facelift surgery. The procedure will be performed under general anesthesia, and you will not experience any pain or discomfort. Our surgeons employ the most advanced techniques to resolve the aesthetic issues left from a primary surgery. 
Skilled in a specialized technique, called an “extended deep plane facelift,” they have the skills, artistry, and experience to use these techniques to resolve many of the problems in an unsatisfactory facelift. It may involve resuspending the underlying musculature of the cheeks, smoothing jowls, and addressing any issues regarding scarring or ear asymmetry, one by one, until every problem has been resolved. 

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