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Mohs reconstruction surgery rebuilds damaged features and minimizes scars, giving you a natural-looking appearance. It typically takes up to a few hours to complete, and in many cases, the downtime is minimal. 

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Remove cancer without damaging healthy tissue

Mohs surgery was originally designed to completely remove skin cancers while minimizing the loss of healthy tissue. The greatest benefit of this approach is its high success rate, which is over 99 percent. During Mohs surgery, your surgeon removes thin layers of skin, continuing the process until all cancerous tissue has been addressed, with minimal damage to healthy tissue. 

Many smaller skin cancer excisions may be closed after Moh’s surgery. Larger surgical resections often require the expertise of facial plastic surgeons. Our skilled surgeons at OG Aesthetics in Menlo Park have a thorough understanding of the unique characteristics of the face, aesthetic lines, anatomical subunits, and facial structures that allows them to plan your reconstruction with the utmost attention to form and function.

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Restore your appearance after skin cancer removal

Dealing with skin cancer can be a traumatic experience. We don’t want the loss of facial tissue to be an additional cause of concern for you. While Mohs surgery is specially designed to spare your healthy skin and remove the smallest amount of tissue required, sometimes more tissue needs to be removed than originally planned. Depending on the extent of your cancer, the formation of scars may be inevitable. In these cases, Mohs reconstruction is used to optimize the appearance and function of the affected area. 

Preparing for your procedure in Palo Alto

Before your Mohs reconstructive surgery, you will have a thorough consultation with Dr. Ortlip and/or Dr. Gadaleta. Your surgeons will go over the details of your procedure, including the steps of the surgery, your goals, and what to expect in terms of recovery. You will be able to ask any questions you may have at this point as well. It is important to us that you feel well-informed and confident before your procedure. Each Mohs reconstruction is completely customized and tailored to your unique situation, and your surgeons will take your personal preferences into account while devising your surgical plan. 

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What should I expect?

The details of your Mohs reconstructive surgery will depend upon many factors, including the type of skin cancer involved and the size, location, and depth of the cancerous lesion. The procedure may be scheduled for the same day as your Mohs surgery. In other cases, you may need to return for your reconstructive surgery days or weeks later. Dr. Gadaleta and Dr. Ortlip will use the best surgical methods for your unique situation, combining different approaches as needed. When the procedure is executed skillfully, any scarring or disfigurement can be repaired or improved. Your procedure may be completed in one day or it may require multiple visits. 

How long is the recovery process?

You will be able to go home again on the same day as your Mohs reconstruction. We typically recommend that you take about three days off from work. It is important to rest and allow the body to recover. 

Dr. Ortlip and Dr. Gadaleta will give you detailed instructions to assist your recovery process. The length of recovery time and healing will depend greatly upon the extent of your cancer and the surgical methods used. 

Get the superior care you deserve

In some clinics, dermatologists perform Mohs reconstructive surgeries, but at OG Aesthetics in Menlo Park, your procedure will be planned and performed by not one, but two double-board-certified plastic surgeons. Dr. Gadaleta and Dr. Ortlip are graduates of advanced surgical reconstruction training programs and combine science, care, and artistry to achieve beautiful, natural-looking results. Your comfort and satisfaction are our highest priorities, and we will make sure you feel safe and cared for every step of your journey with us. 

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