If you are considering changes to your nose, you may have come across the term  “Liquid Rhinoplasty” or “Non-surgical Rhinoplasty”. This term describes the use of  injectable filler to change the appearance of the nose. It is a quick and relatively easy,  in office procedure, with very minimal to no real downtime. For certain patients, this  can be a safe and effective solution, but there are 6 primary concepts you should understand before considering a good candidate. 

1. VOLUME: The truth is, with a liquid-rhinoplasty, volume is being added to the nose. Therefore, by definition, your nose will be bigger. The key to performing a liquid rhinoplasty correctly, is by using the filler to camouflage imperfections or to balance the nose with other facial features. Overall, the nose may end up “bigger,” but it can end up looking better. 

2. RISK: The nose is considered a “high risk” zone when it comes to injecting fillers into the face. Complications like a vascular occlusion can lead to irreversible damage such as blindness or skin loss. It is important that your injector is extremely qualified and familiar with the anatomy of the nose. Even so, vascular patterns in the nose can sometimes be unpredictable and aren’t always located exactly where they might be on a chart. Complications can occur with any injector, regardless of their experience and expertise level. Make sure your injector is practicing safe techniques and understands the risks. Ask about the protocols they have in place in the rare chance that there is a vascular occlusion. If they are not informing you of the risks during the consent process…Run! 

3. LONGEVITY: Liquid Rhinoplasty is often performed with HA (hyaluronic acid based) filler which is both temporary and reversible (dissolvable). I exclusively use HA filler for this reason. Depending on the type of HA filler used, you can expect your results to last anywhere from 1-2 years. You must consider the need to have this repeat procedure done, especially if you are trying to maintain the results long term. 

4. AESTHETICS: To achieve an aesthetically pleasing nose, your injector needs to know and fully understand the exact features that are required to shape a nose with a great aesthetic. This means they should understand the anatomical subunits and how they produce subtle highlights and shadows,
the support structures of the tip, the bony and cartilaginous components and how they articulate with one another. They need to understand skin thickness over different parts of the nose. I find the best liquid rhinoplasties are done by providers who also perform surgical rhinoplasties. When I perform my non-surgical rhinoplasties, I place the filler as if I am contouring and grafting the nose as I do in surgery. 

5. PRIME CANDIDATES: Certain characteristics of a person’s nose will make them better candidates than others for a liquid-rhinoplasty. The following are 6 traits or reasons that a liquid-rhinoplasty might be right for you: 

  • You have a straight nose with a small dorsal hump. 
  • You have moderate to thicker skin.
  • You have small concavities to fill.
  • You want a subtle tip refinement.
  • You are looking for temporary results for an event.
  • You want to see if you like your nose shaped somewhat differently  before committing to the permanent change of a surgical rhinoplasty. 

6. POOR CANDIDATES: Certain characteristics of a person’s nose will  prevent them from being a good candidate for a liquid-rhinoplasty. The  following are 4 traits or reasons that a liquid-rhinoplasty may not be right for  you: 

  • You have already had a rhinoplasty. If you need a touch up, be sure to first check with your rhinoplasty surgeon.
  • You need a lot of filler to get the correction that you want. Less is more when injecting in the nose. Placing too much filler runs a higher risk of complications and resulting in an unnatural appearance.
  • You have a very crooked nose. For safety reasons, the amount of filler that is used for a liquid-rhinoplasty is limited and this limited 
    amount will not be sufficient to disguise a nose that is very crooked. Don’t let someone talk you into doing this. Not only is it a waste of your money, but it is also unsafe.
  • You are looking for permanent results. 

Is a Non-surgical/Liquid Rhinoplasty right for you? If you live in the San Francisco  Bay Area, call OG Aesthetics and schedule a liquid rhinoplasty consult with me, Dr. 
Timothy Ortlip. As a double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon  with a focus on cosmetic and reconstructive excellence of the face and neck, I  routinely perform both surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures. My team  and I are available to review your personal wants and needs and guide you through  the process that is best suited for you.  

OG Aesthetics – Menlo Park, California – OG-Aesthetics.com – (650) 402-2704 

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