I often get asked, "what is your favorite surgery to perform?" My response has always been rhinoplasty for so many reasons. Rhinoplasty, AKA “nose job” surgery, is considered by most surgeons to be the most technically challenging operation that we perform. Why is that?

Dr Gadaleta in action!
  • For one, there is truly no such thing as an "ideal" nasal shape. Every nose is unique and, therefore, each case has to be customized for that specific patient in order to work harmoniously with their unique features. This means that every surgery is different, which is why this surgery never gets boring!
  • It's all about precision. Even the most subtle changes (less than 1 mm) can make all the difference in an outcome. I love fine-detailed work, which is why I chose to become a facial plastic surgeon in the first place. Of all the procedures I perform, rhinoplasty is the most detailed-oriented. I love how focused I have to be in order to achieve the result my patient desires.
  • It takes years of training to master. The surgeon must possess a complete understanding of the anatomy, an extremely perceptive eye, and absolute understanding of the techniques involved to achieved the desired results. After performing hundreds of these procedures, I have developed an eye for the most subtle nasal irregularities. There’s nothing more satisfying for me personally than executing this surgery perfectly and giving my patients their “dream nose”.
Rhinoplasty – Before & After

As the saying goes, with great challenges comes great rewards. Successful rhinoplasty outcomes can make a HUGE difference in a patient's life. Studies have shown that changes in the shape and form of our noses have the greatest overall impact on our facial appearance. With this comes greater confidence and self-esteem. Most importantly, a well-executed rhinoplasty leads to an improvement in the quality of life of my patients. And there is nothing more rewarding to me than a happy patient!

If you’re interested in changing the shape of you nose or to improve your breathing, reach out to us. I will personally do a full facial assessment, with particular focus on the functional and cosmetic status of the nose. From there, we will work together on deciding on the right plan for you, whether it is surgery or something less invasive. I hope to see you soon!


Dr. G

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